Hey you guys i bought the other day my 1st electric guitar and im looking for some easy solos that i can learn. If you got any suggestions please write to me.

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Go to TAB TALK section in forums & there's a forum withban enormous list of songs with easy solos.
Have fun.
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if its your first guitar and your a beginner learn some chords? alot more fun playing full songs
Thx and im not a total noob i play in calssic guitar for 5 monthes or so
~"When your heart stops beating, your alive again - PEACE"~
in that case look at some old classic rock stuff, Deep purple and Black Sabbath etc.
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Try the Smoke On The Water guitar solo. I know it's all generic and all, but it's still a good easy solo to learn.
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Hi mate, try the first solo on GNR's Sweet child it's pretty easy and all in position one blues scale

Darn it! That solo's easy? I still can't do it!

EDIT: Thunderstuck by AC/DC, not the solo, but the intro part, its quite easy

2ND EDIT: Oh, i think i know what part your talking about now, I can do it!
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