Im looking for suggestion of high end p.a systems around the $2,000 mark.

Any particular brands that i should shoot for?
It'll be hard to get a "high end" PA for $2000. In fact depending upon your needs, it might not even be possible to get a "passable" PA for $2000.

Questions to ask before you buy anything:

1. Do you need subs?
2. Do you need monitors?
3. How many channels do you need?
4. What size crowd will you be playing to?
5. Do you need to be heard, or do you need to melt faces?

...etc, etc, etc. One of the biggest issues you'll run into is the decision between a powered mixer or an unpowered mixer and separate power amps. If you "need" to run subs you'll probably be better off in the long run with an unpowered mixer, an external crossover, and separate power amps for the subs and mains (of course the other option is to get your bass player a bigger amp and inject some steroids into your drummer's right leg). If you don't need subs it's usually easier to go with a powered mixer...depending upon your monitor situation. If you are running floor monitors, you'll either need a separate power amp for those, or you'll need to buy powered monitors for a seemingly ridiculous premium over unpowered ones. Also make sure your mixer has sufficient monitor/effect sends so that you can route everything properly. There's also the option of in-ear monitors which is becoming less expensive and eats up much less stage space.

All in all, there's a lot to think about. Don't just buy a PA because you need a PA, invest in something that either suits your needs completely, or will be expandable to that point in the future.
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