I recently bought an MR-8 to record some demos of a few songs i've been working on but I can't figure out how to export them to my computer. I follow the instruction manual and bounce the 2 tracks i record (acoustic guitar and vocals) to tracks 7 and 8 and then convert it into a wav file, but whenever I do this the tracks get panned, so the guitar comes out one speaker and the vocals come out the other. So I was just wondering if anyone knew what I'm doing wrong and tell me how to fix this. Thanks in advance for any help.
Well can't you just bounce the two tracks to one track instead of two ? And are you sure that tracks 7 and 8 don't have any panning controls turned on ?
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i'm pretty sure i tried moving the two tracks onto just track 7 and it doesn't work, but I'll try again. Track 7/8 doesn't have any controls for it other than volume, the sole purpose of the track is to bounce other tracks onto to export.
there is a button on there for 'bouncing' all your tracks to tracks 7 and 8 i think it goes says something like:

'1-4 -> 5&6'
'1-6 -> 7&8'

if you press the button once it arms 5 and 6 and will record everything from tracks 1 through 4 onto those 2 tracks, you press the button again and it arms tracks 7 and 8 and will record tracks 1 through 6 onto tracks 7 and 8. once the tracks are on 7 and 8 then you can 'master' them, i can't remember what this button says but i think it says master on it somewhere. the master button will take the 2 mono wave files from 7 and 8 respectively and make them into a stereo wave file. this stereo wave file is what you will play on your computer, to get if off the mr-8 you attach the mr-8 to a computer via the usb, then the computer will access it like an external hard drive, you find the file on the HD that is respective to the song your recorded and then find the 'mix2' folder under the song's file, in that 'mix2' folder will be your stereo wave file, i usually drag and drop it into 'my music' so i have it on the computer
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to me it sounds as though your cutting a pasting the track, like source tracks are 1/2 and destination tracks are 7/8, that makes it do exactly as you say it does. if this is not the case, then the only other thing it could be is the panners are cranked left and right when you are bouncing, and if that is not the case then... well you got some weird messed up or cosmically screwed piece of equipment and i can't help. sorry