It's amusing that you think this thread'll last more than a week.

I'm not being an arsehole, I just doubt there's that many UGers with a studio. Well, many that browse the Pit, anyway.
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I don't have a pic.
But my "studio" consists of :
M-Audio FW Solo audio interface
Macbook 1.8Ghz Intel Dual Core processor with 512mb RAM (being upgraded soon to 2GB RAM)
NI's Guitar Rig
SM 58 mic
Cubase 4 Essential
NI's Battery
and gonna get Pro Tools soon.
Like... any kind of studios?
Well, I don't have a studio but my recording rig consists of an M-Audio Fast-Track Pro recording into Logic 8 on my MacBook, with a Shure SM58 and Red5 RV10 condenser mic (these mics are awesome if you're in the UK, they only sell off their website so they're really cheap for what you're actually paying for).

If I have enough money left at the end of term I'm going to buy an M-Audio Project Mix, Pro-Tools M Powered and a set of drum mics. This is what doing a Music Tech degree does to your bank balance.

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You should change it to peoples recording area/space, more people will post pictures.
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**** pictures.

Mine is a laptop, some effects and amps, a couple of synths, and loads of wires. I use Sony Acid to record.
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If you're asking for where my BAND record demos though, I'll see if I can find a few pics...
if comparing recording studios or showing them off this should be in R&R, and i think theres a "show your studio" thread there as well...but since I can never keep myself from showing my studio to everyone:

Sonic Orb Studios image page

Images are a little outdated as I've yet to clean up and take new pics...I've been working on installing lights and painting my bedroom.
I don't have a picture but I use shure SM57 + Rode NT1A -> Focusrite Saffire LE -> Cubase
Not really a proper studio but its all I have right now. I'm hoping to get alot more stuff for it.

Computer and junk.


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I'm Steve
I'm actually in the middle of moving a load of junk out of one of the rooms in my house to convert into a music room/studio.

well, I'm actually on a break right now but you get what I mean, I'll post some pics if I ever finish.
No pics but I use, Amplitube 2, Tracktion 2.1, IK Stealthplug, and of course my guitars. Pretty low maintenance. VSTs are pretty good.