I cant decide which to buy. Typically i play metal and occasionally i bust out some jazz. The schecter has EMG actives which would be great for metal but the ibanez has a great tremolo and neck. Im not sure how big of a difference the active pickups will make but i keep hearing about the EMG actives so i figure those are what i should go with. whats your opinion?


I like EMGs....might be a surprise to some that I'm running them in my PRS guitars right now. But I really like the pups...nothing beats them for clarity.

As for the guitars, I've really fallen away from Ibanez, despite my username Schecter makes a great guitar if you can get along with their necks. Not to mention you can the the C-1 Hellraiser with a Floyd Rose
i would go with the ibanez. cuz i have this model and love it. if you love emgs, you could put that in the ibanez, but you cant put a good neck and a great tremolo on the schecter(without adjustments)...
From what i have read you cant put active EMGs on an s series because the body is to thin. Is that true?
nop, i have one(well not the emg itself, the guitarheads active pickup, but same size).
I've played then both and i've got to say, in my opinion, the Ibanez is a lot better.

For me it was more comfortable to to play.
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Ibanez s series it is. this is my first time on the forum and im blown away with how fast and helpful everyone was. Thanks for your help guys!
I own an S470DX and a Schecter C-1+. The Ibanez is a much more comfortable guitar, the trem is great. The Schecter is also nice but in my personal opinion not as comfortable of a neck. Schecter has better pickups but if you're switching them anyways... I'd go for the ibanez.

P.S. I would look into blackouts instead of EMGs
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Schecter neck is set in and has a nice neck joint.
Who's to say you can't use EMG's for jazz?

I <3 Ibanez and all but after playing the hellraiser I'm in love.
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