So a while ago I was given the body and neck of a '73 Gibson Les Paul custom, still put together but with absolutely nothing else on it. The guitar was even stripped of the paint. It looks like someone put in a slot for a third pickup as well, truly making it custom.

While after a few years, I decided to get off my butt and try and refurbish it so that I can use it for gigs. I've never put together a guitar, but have someone helping me with the wiring and all that good stuff. My question is this. Below is a list of things that I believe that I need (strings not included). What am I missing? Any suggestions on other hardware?

I am using PRS pickups because I like their tone better, but I think I might have my options wrong in that regard, I think I need a different middle pickup.

So again, looking at the list below, what am I missing and what suggestions would you make?

PRS Tremonti Bridge Pickup
PRS Tremonti Bass Pickup
PRS Dragon II Pickup
(3) Pickup Mounting Rings
Gibson Tailpiece TP-6
Gibson Control Plate
Gibson Switch Washer
ProLine Flush Mount Jack
(4) Gibson 500kOhm Potentiometer Audio Taper/Short Shaft Pot
Gibson Pickguard
DiMarzio Switchcraft Toggle Switch
Gibson Modern Nickel Machine Heads with Metal Buttons

I'd keep the pickguard, they look way better with them

I'd probably look into getting different tuners. Gibson's are alright, but you can get better.

What condition is the neck in? Make sure you've got a decent nut on there.

Other than that, you've got it all pretty much down.
You know, it looks to be in great shape, the truss rod is still good as far as I know.

Is there a specific way for me to check?
if its a real Gibson (or high quality Japanese replica), you will need long shaft pots. also, I would measure the height of the tuning shafts as well. Custom shop headstocks are generally thicker due to the face plate with the binding. I'm also in the process of building a mid-70s Custom shop.
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The only thing I could think of is strap buttons..and maybe a nut if the neck doesn't have one.

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Great call, thanks!

Anything else? I still think I'm missing some stuff as far as the wiring goes.
I agree with the no pickguard look. Boy I would like to be in your shoes. What color/finish are you considering?
You know, I'm not sure yet. I'd like a cool looking finish. Part of me is just thinking about staining it and putting a couple of clear coats on it. I'm thinking like a dark cherry stain.
Does it have nice looking wood?

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Dark Cherry? Wow, exactly what I would have chosen. Please post picks when this monster is completed. *turns green with envy*
Quote by shredforbread33
Does it have nice looking wood?

The wood does look good. The only problem is one spot near where the person put in the new pickup. I might have to darken that wood first, as it's quite a bit lighter. I just heard about a new product for that purpose.

If not, I'm screwed and might have to do a solid color. Oh noes!

Any other thoughts guys?

Gregs - I will do my best. It's getting the money to do the refinishing that's the problem lol.
well a transparent color would look awesome like the dark cherry as stated before. If you've got a beautiful guitar don't cover it up!

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Send it into Carvin along with a check for whatever it would cost, and have them do their beautiful Dragonburst finish on it =)

But in all seriousness, I would personally just paint it solid white and order all gold hardware. I've always LOVED that look.
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Oh come on, I don't think a solid color would be too bad of an option. I mean, with Goldtop or Black Beauty being the most obvious options...
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