Ok guys this may seem really redicioulus, but i need some help.

I need to find 20 foods with nutrient claims. If i come up short in a department, i can make it up in another.

i need

Produce: 2
Grocery shelves: 4
Meat Department: 3
Frozen Foods: 4
Dairy Case: 3 (already covered, tehy have it on another page in the packet )
Bakery: 4

Edit: Let me specify on the nutrition, all i need really is Calories im assuming because i dont have any room to do anything else.

Not Edit: i would really appreciate this fellas. You will help me finish a 1/4 credit in just 30 minutes!

Michael Harkey

P.S. for those who are gonna ask about my school. i go to a self paced charter school.
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