I'm planning to get a new amp around the end of may and will have roughly £1200 and at the moment i have £200 to spend on effects. I play Everything from blues to death metal.
At the moment i was thinking a peavy JSX with a marshall mode 4 cab and a jim dunlop talkbox. What do you think ?
sounds good, i want a boss GT-8 cause i used one a while ago and fell in love but i dont have enough atm

but yeh buying something like that just look for reviews, not on here as there VERY biased

what guitar you got??
Get a nice 2x12 instead of a crappy 4x12.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i love you slats.
u got enough for a good quality amp, take ur time in choosing. i wish i had that kinda money to spend on amps/effects etc.
Ditto to slatsmania, a why would you spend money on a good quality head only to pump its sound through crappy speakers?

Honestly, talk boxes are wastes of money. If you don't have any other effects, that should be very low on your list as you'll hardly even use it (and its kinda lame). I personally believe its better to have a few very good effects for specific jobs than lots of effects with "broad" ranges in tone. Basically with that 200, buy two quality effects.

Brands to look at: Fulltone, Catalibread, Diaz, Pedalworx, Diamond, Keeley, Analogman and Red Witch (to name a few) are all companies whose pedals I've used and had zero complaints. And I'm very picky.
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2^ Yeah i'm basically going to spend a couple of hours in my music store testing amps they have an awsome selection, Lots of Engl's, Orange's, Marshall's and Mesa's

1^ What cabs would you suggest i thought vintage 30's where rather good and i have a cry baby and a danelectro distortion (it was free).