I was playing with my practice Amp a Peavey Rage 258 and my Epiphone and a Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal. I had a very nice tone coming outta them, but suddenly something weird happens. Then suddenly when I change from the neck pick-up to the bridge pick-up. There's no sound. I check all the knobs on my guitar, amp, and pedal, but they're all alright. I snap it back to the neck pick-up and the sound is fine again, then I snap it back to see if the sound's back on the other one. Now the channel is clean, but there's no distortion. Then later they all continue working properly, but the tone is gone, the "somewhat beautiful" tone that I had earlier has gone. All pick-ups play with a crap tone, even though I didn't touch the knobs. So what's wrong?

-The Pick-ups?

It's the first time this happens, so I'm confused!
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Check the battery.
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Check the battery.

On the Pedal? My Pedal is plugged into the electricity socket, so it can't be that.
Check the wiring of the pickups(switch, volume and tone pots and the jack) and make sure they are all clean as sometimes dirt can cause these parts to stop working properly. I think that's the problem anyway
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