This is the first full song I've written using guitar pro (and it probably shows).

The "solo" is nowhere near finished. I'm not happy with that bit at all.

The drums could probably use a bit of touching up as well, but then again I have very little knowledge on that subject.

Suggestions are more than welcome.

(Keep in mind I probably will never record this properly. Mostly because I've included vocals that I can't get anything close to, lol.)

Also, the "he'll peck you dead part" has (repeat until audience is driven mad) on the original lyrics. It's MEANT to be annoying
Hector THe Devil Duck.zip
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haha, wow. interesting piece.
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well my fist though is what have u been listening to, to come up with that. the speed of the song is way too slow, still keep the whole doom thing too it but its too slow. maybe add afew riffs based on what u have already done. another thing is the name of the song is pretty sweet. Im keen to hear it if u change it then re post it as the same name.

Potential. 6/10