can anyone recommend me some different shoegaze bands

i really like my bloody valentine, ride, slowdive, moose, chapterhouse, jesus and mary chain, swervedriver, telescopes, amusment parks on fire, rumskib

i'm really getting into the genre and wondering if theres any other good bands for me to listen to in it?
Verve, particularly their first album: A Storm In Heaven and also check out Alcest: Souvenirs d'un autre monde. Its a little heavier but still good.
A little bit heavier then other mentioned artist but you could check out Boris - Feedbacker, or anything by Jesu
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A little bit heavier then other mentioned artist but you could check out Boris - Feedbacker, or anything by Jesu

Some of Jesu's earlier stuff is more metal than shoegaze but their last record is very good indeed.

Oceansize is another one to try.
Autolux, Asobi Seksu, Lush, Blonde Redhead.
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cheers dudes i'll check sme of these out, heared of a few of them, amusements aren't strictylt shoegaze but they often seen as modern shoegaze
Check out Scarling, they've definitely got that vibe about them.
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other people have mentioned all the main ones.
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is The Helio Sequence classified as shoegaze? i've heard that they are but I'm not sure.

If so, they're awesome and you should listen to them.
I'm not big on the term shoegaze.

The Jesus and Mary Chain are my favourite band of all time. But I wouldn't call them 'shoegaze', maybe Psychocandy fits that tag a bit, but everything afterwards certainly does not (e..g Darklands, Automatic)

Otherwise, Spirtualized, Slowdive and MBV obviously.

If you like shoegaze inspired stuff; M83 is brilliant; he's like an electronic MBV
Definately Jesus and Mary Chain.
Lush are not very good, in my opinion.
Get the Brian Jonestown Massacre's first album "Methodrone".
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Primal Scream maybe.
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Primal Scream is far more famous for their contributions to Acid House, I must say.

If you like that BJM album (Methodrone), get Dandys Rule, OK? by The Dandy Warhols.

Most of the BJM and the Dandys' respective catalogs consist of '60s revival and psych pop, but they started out with some great more shoegaze-y ****.
While most of their career is noise/indie-pop, the Magnetic Fields' Distortion could be considered shoegaze.
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