I lookin into gettin a new guitar at most i want to spend about 500.00,cause i dont have much money and theres other things i have to pay for like new breaks 4 the car, school and rent, etc .that and i really dont need a $800 or $1,000 dollar guitar... so far these are wht im lookin at

Jackson MG Series DXMG Dinky

Ibanez RG4EXQM1 Quilted Maple Top

can u recommend me anything else pros/cons so far ive played with the jackson and it has a nice feel and i like the neck...but i need to play with it a little more to make a good decision ...so yea any recommendations woul be appreciated thanks for ya time..
what genres do you play?

what amp do you have?

also, go and play them yourself, try them out with your currrent setup.

also, read reviews to see if anybody has had problems with these guitars so far.
id get the ibanez the finish is amazing for that price as well as the specs
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oh yea the finish on the ibanez is amazing... yea i mostly play blues, deathgrind, thrash,Metal, electronic trip hop.
I have the Ibanez and I love the feeling of the entire guitar. The factory quality control is bad so I suggest you play one and buy it instead of ordering from the web. The Edge III stays in tune fine when it's new and set up well but I swapped it for OFR. Pickups are decent, but I swapped bridge for Tone Zone.
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oh yea i plan on tryin these out i just want to know wht yall recommend/think so i hav an idea on wht to look at.. cause i played with the jackson for a bit and i liked it so far jus need more time with it an try out a few others..so i appreciate ur help with helping me make a decision...