Recently me and my friend have been jamming together, he wants to play stuff like lamb of god...but unfortunatly i cant play bass fast enough at the moment, which got me thinking should i keep trying to tremolo pick (which i am useless at) or try to play faster with fingers? Recently i have been playing with 3 fingers and i have found that i am way faster than with a pick but im thinking that i really need to use a pick to get enough speed for stuff like lamb of god...Any tips?
it depends. if it were me, id use a pick. whenever i play bass i use a pick anyway. but try them out. get a lamb of god song off the net and see which is best
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Practise, practise, practise. First slower, the speed comes along eventually.
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I'd practice to build up speed with both techniques. That way you can pick the one that sounds and feels best for you for a particular song.
If you want to focus on finger-style - there is no reason why you can't get your speed up to play fast songs like Lamb of God.
thanks guys...i will keep up both i think. When i use a pick i sort of rest my hand on the bridge and hold the pick a little tilted and try to only move my wrist, this was what my friend recommended. At times it sounds good but other times im only going at the speed that i could play just downpicking.

Would i have to use 4 fingers to get the same effect?
How players hold the pick can make a difference and minimize the wrist motion. Try a few different ways and find the one that works best for you - and leaves your wrist less sore.
Some bassists have used four fingers for fast passages, but most players can play fast and steady enough with three fingers. I gave up on the four finger attack 20 years ago and focused on three finger speed and it has worked great for me.
Thanks, i think im gonna keep at the 3 finger method mostly but i will keep experimenting with the pick
You'll develop the finger speed eventually. I can play some crazy fast stuff with two fingers; it'll just come with practice and training. Don't worry about which you're faster with now or which you'll be faster with later -- just compare the tone of a pick with the tone of your fingers and see which you like more, then work on it from there.
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I personaly use stricktly fingers. No exceptions. That's just me. My first bass teacher never ever let me use a pic so I just never picked one up.
It's all a matter of preference. I've managed to get by with my fingers and I can play just about any "Machine gun" guitar riffs with my fingers (Namely Spheres of Madness by Decapitated... awww yeahhh)
But really it's all a matter of whats comfortable.
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