So I've just started to learn guitar about a month ago. I borrowed a friends Rickenbacker and have been learning on that. I'm doing well enough with it and having enough fun with it that I want to soon buy my own guitar. I went to the store to try out some guitars and they all seemed to have wider necks then the Ric and just didn't feel right.

What are some guitars with narrower necks? If I get one of the ones with a thicker neck will it start to feel right after a short amount of time?
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firstly rickenbackers, lovely guitars i love mine dearly, yes they do have very thin necks, the reason other guitars feel odd is because youve only played your friends ric, my advice is to play a variety of other guitars and get more used to the different necks

itl feel fine soon
Thin and narrow are not the same things.

Ibanez may have thin necks, but they sure aren't narrow. Jackson and Fender necks are narrower, although Fender necks are a bit bigger and rounder...
!!!You're borrowing your friend's Rickenbacker!!! That's my dream guitar. If I had one, I'd never let it out of my sight.

And yes different guitars have different necks sizes, shapes, feels. Its all a matter of playing different instruments and figuring out what exactly gels with you.