hi i play in a pop punk band and i need a new amp
i decided i wanted a stack so i could expand over time
i came down to choosing either marshall or fender stacks
which would give me a better tone considering i would only use the clean channel because i use a distortion pedal and multi fx pedal
both are similar prices and the same wattage (100 watt head, 120 watt cab)
which one should i choose?
cheers in advance
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1 - You don't need a 100w head.

2 - You do not need a stack; if you get the tone right any tube amp over 30w whould be all you ever need or want.

3 - Which Fender or Marshall stacks? They both do different models you know.

4 - What is your budget, there may be more, better, options you haven't considered.

5 - If you get the right amp you shouldn't need the distortion from your multi-FX unit.
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To just answer your question: Probably Fender.

To give a better answer: If you're talking about the FM and MG series, neither. They both are pretty bad amps.
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This thread lacks info, but has an ominous vibe to it.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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This thread lacks info, but has an ominous vibe to it.


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