So i have my college interview in a weeks time. I've applied for a performing arts course and one of the requirements is to sing a song. I'm stuck for what song to sing. Seriously.

My vocal range isn't too high, but it's alright. I also don't mind playing guitar as well as singing as my guitar playing is a way higher standard than my vocals.

Anybody have any suggestions on something i could sing? I just need to get through this audition, but can't think of a decent song.

So any help is appreciated.
Something by the Beatles seems rather appropriate. Pre-drug years that is. Like "Can't Buy Me Love"
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If you want to sing a song that's pretty simple vocally but allows you to show off your guitar skills, how about a john mayer or newton faulker song.
if you want to showcase guitar playing then neon by john mayer
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Definitely something by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Maybe even hendrix...his vocals aren't too hard to match
Thanks for the ideas, i actually considered alot of them even before asking.

I'm rather gonna do a song from the musical, Joseph. Song of the king maybe. But i'll consider The Beatles and Iris. I know them already and can do the vocals quite accurately so it could be good.
If you do Beatles, Penny Lane is pretty challenging.

It's easy, but at the same time it's really strange and takes a lot of getting used to.
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Little Wing by Hendrix
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But if you suck at singing then do a Bob Dylan song... he sucked at singing and look what he did.
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