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You'll want it more or less flat so you've got even volume across the keyboard.

And a +1.

See, the thing is, keyboards produce synthetic sounds, ones that have been masterfully (hopefully) EQ'd already. So, putting it flat is going to get your amp as close as you're going to get it to a basic loudspeaker. Which is what you want.
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...Coincidence? I think not.
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put Bass down and treble up..wouldn't want keyboard creating more bass than the bass itself
That's what I was thinking. I figured the bass amps would prioritize the general 'bass' frequencies over the treble side. So possibly a boost of the treble and keep the bass roughly flat or lower?
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I don't know - I think most bass amps are pretty flat whereas guitar amps have terrible bass response. Certainly I've tried running keyboards through my Ashdown with the EQ bypassed and it sounded pretty even to me though maybe that's helped by it being 410.
I kept the EQ pretty flat and my friend used it to play "Piano Man" today for some singing contest. It sounded epic, and it was much crisper than I thought it was going to e as well.