yeh i'd like a valve amp which is mainly for home use but can do band practises. i have looked at the fender blues and pro jnrs i have only had a chance to play the pro jnr, which sounds preety good. but haven't really seen the diversity of sound the blues jnr gives in comparsion. so yeh any advice on the blues jnr or any similar amps
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If you have cash to burn, a good vintage Fender.
If you're poor comme moi, Blues Jr.
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Didn't Kerry King use MGs at some point?

I think he just endorses them because he likes sacks of money
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The blues junior is nice, but I prefer Crate V series and Peavey Classics and Delta Blues.

Once again acdcrocks is spot on. For the money, I would have a hard time getting a Blues Jr when the Crate V18 is $130 less. I didn't notice $130 difference when I played them both. The Blues Jr had better lows, but not $130 better. In my opinion.
Get a twin cover all the sounds.
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