im looking for one of those things the pros use. i dont know what their called our if their seperate parts or what.

i have a few things to hook up to a rack. but i wana get a dolly type rack that i can put my peavey head in as well. what are those called? cuz im pretty sure its not just a standard rack case.

and if i did just buy a rack case with like 6 spaces...would the head fit in with say like...3 rack things hooked up?

sorry my technicality here is poor, but i hope you guys understand what i mean
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im guessing you want something like this


and im pretty sure that they are not cheap

That's interesting. Anyone know if a company in Europe does the same?
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^That's exactly what you need to look into.

A standard rack is not wide enough to fit a guitar amp head (though i am sure there might be a small head out there somewhere).

I'm not particularly aware of any companies in Europe; but I am sure they exist. Just do a Google for something like "amp head rack" etc.
most companies make these things up from scratch, so if you contact them, they'll be able to give you a quote.

a standard 19inch rack is not wide enough for an amp head (unless its a rack mount amp. I think the best bet for you is to get a flightcase rack and a seperate flightcase for the amp.

as for companies, flightcase warehouse is a good place to start.
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alrighty then. thanks

but their isnt anywhere to order em off the internet? like...prebuilt lol.