Think that the drummer from Atreyu is actually a better singer than the sing. I know the singer has a good scream but brandon has an amazing voice. anyone else agree?
does anyone else find it annoying when thread titles only have part of the question?
and to answer your question, no
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On the Cd's yes.

Live. No. He sucks and most of the time he sounds like he's out of breath.

their new stuff is pussified....and there is a major difference in concert when the drummer sings, horrible. old stuff when its just the regular singer is good to go.
The drummer has a really good voice, if he wasnt drumming and singing at the same time. Alex has a good screaming voice, but he doesnt seem to have too much range singing normally. Its kinda like Underoath. Aaron is an awesome singer, but doesnt quite hit the records vocals live. And Spencer is an awesome screamer, but has a somewhat weak singing voice compared to Aaron.

atreyu, that takes me back
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