Its a rather short solo and it seems like its can be played by a beginner, but i dont know where to even start with it. Can some one walk me through this solo?
Take it very slowly, bar by bar.
It's quite difficult at full speed- especially if you're new to tapping. Just take your time and dont rush it.
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I honestly dont even know where to put my fingers... like i said i dont even know where to start.

is the first solo tapping? It doesnt seem like it.

Cmon someone has to have some constructive pointers for me.
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when it decends there is tapping. i wouldnt recommened it for a beginner.
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ive been watching people on youtube and they do not tap.

On drop c tuning on the a string it looks like this


the second part however is tapping
if you have no clue where to even put ur fingers you should maybe practise some scales for a while because it sounds like there is no way your going to get even close to doing this solo.
Sigh... out of three people only 1 person gave me any positive encouragement into learning this.

Instead of trying to discourage why not just give me some pointers.

Its not like im completely clueless... i am progressing little by little, but i feel like im not doing it right. Dont just turn your back on people less experienced...
how do you expect someone to learn if your telling them to not try?

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