if you are born with a slightly bent pinky, will playing guitar make it bend more over time?

im just a little concerned because i dont want cause permanent long term damage. if my pinky is going to snap off at some point in the future id rather just stop using it while playing

also, ive read pretty much every pinky article on the internet and have spent MANY MANY hours practicing fretting with my pinky so bad form is not causing this, its simply not physically possible for my pinky to fret at a 90 degree angle
my pinky is straight as you like, and i still cant fret at a 90 degree angle...i dont think it has anything to do with its 'bentness'...maybe just itll come with practice...ive got the same problem...

as for the damage, i doubt it...it doesnt affect other fingers, so why should a pinky be any different??
This is not a huge disability; people have played with much worse disabilities than having a dodgy pinky to be honest, Django Reinhart being the one that comes to mind right now. There's also a neoclassical shredder out there somewhere who has Thalidomide poisoning and only has two digits on each arm and Tony Meléndez who has no arms and plays with his feet.

A dodgy pinky on one hand is not a huge disadvantage.
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Just out of interest... Apart from guitar what else do you use your pinky for?