In about 2 weeks it will be my birthday and family and friends will be giving me some cash. So I've looking at a new amp. I figure i'll have 400-50 bucks to spend. So I play classic rock/blues as well as punk/hardcore (no more pop ****). So I need a pretty versitile amp. i also have my Bad monkey to push the amp. i can go used if neccisary but i prefer new.
i went to GC today (2 blocks from my school ) and looked at several amps.
Fender Blues Junior: Loved the cleans, great od sound and master volume. Loved it and can get it pretty cheap used.

Palomino V16 and 32: i can get the V16 new for 280. however, there is a used V32 for 380 which is a very good deal.

B-52 AT-112: Great sound but a little high gain for me

Ac-15: This one i didn't like so much. I missed the mids knob and i actually found it a bit confusing ( ) Especially since I wouldn't use tremelo

My other possibilities are Are the fender Hot Rod Deville (Heard bad things about the gain?), the fender blues deluxe, possibly a JCM combo and the Epi valve standard
check out a fender princeton, i got one of those, 65W, bunch of effects and a tuner built in, its a pretty good amp for around 400 bucks canadian
Go for the V32 or a PV Classic 30.
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Im in the Us and i want tube. So no Princeton valvetronix or cube. i am also wary of built in effects. But I hadn't thought of the peavy. I'll look into that.
2 blocks from your school?!? Lucky!

Try out the PV classic 30, you might like it more.
i'm a little hesitant about the Classic 30 since i won't be able to try it out. I'me sure it sounds excellent but I like to try before I buy. On the 30 I see that it has pre and post knobs? I'm assuming the pre refers to volume to the pre amp. So would that be like a normal volume knob and thee post be a master volume?
I was also thinking abou the Handsome devil when it came out? any info?
the handsome devil is $400 something. You're better off going for the Palomino or C30 which they both have 2 channels.
and I think pre knob on the C30 makes it get more distorted on the 2nd channel, and the regular volume knob is a master volume for the 2nd channel. Not sure though
Thanks so much guys. I think it's a toss up between the BJ , the palomino and the classic 30 if I can get ahold of one. Maybe the Blues Deluxe. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.