Yet im not preteen or a musical r-tard.

Im currently listening to "I hate myself and i want to die" and just the grinding sound and the chaos of it is incredible. I dont know why i didnt look into them more but theres a hell of a lot of good stuff outside of nevermind.

I feel paranoid that ive somehow regressed from developing through pop to indie to rock to prog rock/psychedelic. Then all of a sudden im listening to grinding power chords and loving it to bits. So to a point

1. What kind of epiphanies have other people had? Suddenly gotten into something after dismissing it as crap? Ive certainly found myself coming back round to bands like the klaxons and arctic monkeys after long dismissing it as sub-musical crap sung by a cockney (and i stand by that for arctic monkeys with exceptions of good riffage)

2. Are nirvana misunderstood as a band and kurt cobain was actually a repressed musical genius?
Well, if you just got into nirvana, then i hope you will get out soon
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That's a pity. They've broken up. y'know

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I like Nirvana, Cobain wasnt that good at guitar but he was a genius at songwriting. Anyone who can make a beutiful and somehow complex song from 4 chords is talented if you ask me.
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