**** yes!

Ozzy, Judas Priest , Serj Tankian, Cavalera Conspiracy, Shadows Fall, Voivoid, 3 Inches of Blood, Priestess, Zimmers Hole, Hatebreed, Testament, and Dillinger Escape Plan

personally im goin for Testament, Voivoid, and of course Zimmer's Hole

whos goin? what do you think?

tix on sale friday, presale wednesday 10 am

be there or be... not attending.

but im stuck in Ottawa, where we get no good Acts, man this place is boring
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Metal forum?

although its all metal bands pretty much, its called monsters of 'rock' so i didnt want to risk it.
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although its all metal bands pretty much, its called monsters of 'rock' so i didnt want to risk it.

Metal is a sub genre of Rock.

so i bought my tic for 119.00 ish. there was a 250 ish option, but i tryed to buy it and it didnt allow me. so im hoping the tic i bought was (most expensive available) vip, as it didnt specify. at least i know its floor...

about $250.00 ticket:

We couldn't find tickets that matched your request.

Please try one of the options below:
Change Your Request If you selected a specific price, section or location, try "Best Available" or "Any Price" instead.

If you used a promotional code or password, check your offer details to verify if the code or password is valid for the specific event or ticket request you're making.

Try a different quantity of tickets. Back »

Check Back Often If the event just went on sale, keep trying. When a customer is viewing specific seats, only that customer sees those seats, if a customer decides not to buy, then the seats automatically become available to other customers.

If the event has been on sale a while, check back often, many times tickets become available prior to the event. Back » "

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Metal is a sub genre of Rock.

well here there are diff forums for rock etc so..
im sure if i posted it there someone would bitch about serj

/double post
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Gonna be rad.

you work there eh
guess not..
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