right now im just using the built in effects with my vox ad30vt. ive been recently playing a lot of atreyu, story of the year, silverstein, and thrice (old stuff). But i haven't gotten the nice crisp and crunchy sound that id like, ive tried messing around with the settings and for some reason the bass sounds muddy and treble isn't as crunchy as id like. So I'm looking for a good crunchy distortion pedal for my epiphone les paul custom and vox ad30vt amp. I guess price range is around 150 for used.

epiphone les paul custom
vox ad30vt / vfs2

This may be fairly cool.

Or just try a pod (sounds stupid, but if you get an XT or X3, you wont regret it.).
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metal muff?

do NOT get a pod.
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thanks for the recommendations.

what do you guys say about proco turbo rat or a line 6 dm-4?

epiphone les paul custom
vox ad30vt / vfs2
I've heard that thrice use the dm-4, sure, but *ahem* their live tone suckles nut.
turbo rat.
do some research and then buy one.