Poll: what foot do you play wah on
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View poll results: what foot do you play wah on
right handed, right foot
28 85%
left handed, left foot
0 0%
left handed, right foot
0 0%
right handed, left foot
5 15%
Voters: 33.
well yeah, title says it all

cause i play right handed but use my left foot

just wanted to see what other UGers did

also, post back what you said
delete the other thread

and i dont have a wah but if i did, im right handed and right foot.
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i use my middle foot
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I use my penis, personally.

Seriously, though, I'm right handed and I use my right foot. Leaning on my left leg like that just feels weird.
i use my right foot.
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You lean on the pedal not lean back on one leg and softly sway the pedal!
Right foot for me. Using your right foot interferes with your picking hand more, but since pedals go from right to left, you kinda have to (unless you use a patchbay to move it to the left, or place it last in the chain (which some people like) or only use a few pedals))...
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