I've been playing off and on for a very long time but I can't really play anything. I've played scales up and down millions of times, but I can't really play any fast licks. I'm looking for that solo that is the bridge between being bad at guitar and being good... I mainly listen to Dream Theater and I've struggled in the past picking a solo to learn... the solo can be from anyone though I'm not picky.

Thanks in advance.
1st solo from november rain - guns n roses

nothing else matters - metallica

1st solo from master of puppets - metallica
Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson
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Learn to improvise. That way you can play to your skill level.

Yeah I agree, but I think learning other peoples' solos greatly improves your improvising skills. Through learning you're actually analysing, either consciously or subconsciously and learning about what goes into making a good solo/song/whatever.

If you can't really play any solos yet, there's little doubt that Dream Theater will be beyond you. Try to learn lots of the classic solos eg. Stairway, Freebird etc. and eventually move onto shreddier stuff if that's where you want to be going with your playing. I found learning lots of Children Of Bodom helped me make that transition.