ok heres the deal my band are gna audiion some musicians but none of us want to end up having maniacs at our houses, any advice on how and where to hold auditions??

any help would be apreaciated
In the middle of nowhere... Who needs power when you can do acoustic stuff. That way they would never know where your house's are, but then a gain the middle of nowhere sounds hard to find.

I suppose just about the only place is to have it at your house's, so if someone looks like a maniac send them off.

Plus there's always the possibility that no maniacs will show up, as, well, there maniacs?
And, well, not all people who look to be maniacs are...
Do you use a BR-600?
If so, click here to join the group thats made for you!
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You can say : okay, improvise in that key, or, you can say, play whatever is in your soul and, perhaps, they will play the right groove, the right riff that you really makes you think : yeah, he/she suites my band