Check them out, hope you like the stuff!

This is our new video, made by myself from bits of gigs we have recorded!


Hope to meet lots of cool peopl ehere on the UG Forums! I also do som eamatuer photoshop work/logos/,yspace design so hit me up if you need anything doing!

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I loved the guitars and vocals! Actually I loved everything in that song!
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the uk blackout arent mainstream, they dontn want to make it big for some reason, biggest they said theyde go is playing taste of chaos festival
Oh god... I think I just came... Is your bassist slapping in the beginning of Honour Bound?
"A war is coming, I've seen it in my dreams. Fires sweeping through the earth, bodies in the streets, cities turned to dust. Retaliation..."

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God damn The Blackout and that trio of whining **** bags!

Iv wanted to change the name for a very long time, but the rest of the guys are insistent that we keep it as is.

We'd love to come down to Bath, chuck us a few venue names ad we'll do what we can! We get around quite a bit over the UK so it shouldnt be a problem.

Our bassist is a bit of a nutter, plays a 6 string bass, no pick. Hes quite good.

I understand what your saying abou tthe vocals, you either dig them or you dont, id like to be have some more range, but this is the first time iv ever sung fr a band so im developing slowly ad staying with what im comfortable with at the moment.

Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciated! Some new stuff gona be posted soon ,id love to et some opinions on it!
Yeah wicked stuff mate. Really dig your production!

in the next few days il be posting a very rough mix from our self produced album, guitarist is using a Randall, got a great tone.
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Lol for a second i thought this was gonna be the band with the 10 year olds singing about how they "JUST WANNA PLAY VIDEO GAMEZZZZ".
Referring to Victor Wooten
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"Wa wa wa English is my first language, music is my second blah blah blah wank wank wank I rule, love me suck my dick."

That's all I heard in that entire interview.

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Wow, you guys are crazy. Everything is really well done. Awesome job.
For anyone that may be interested, our CD 'SUB-HUMAN' was featured in the magazine's Zero Tolerance and Devolution This month. Keep your eyes open if your a reader!

Also, anyone UK based may be interested in the gig we have coming up tis Saturday @ The Star in Guildford. Line up is Alternative Carpark, Shy of the Depth Blackout and Malefice!

Hope everyone is cool!
Was pretty good, I like the way you do the vocals, even though I'm not a fan of that style I can listen to it and not give me a headache which some bands do that to me.
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That sounds awesome!

Just letting you know though, on my computer anyway, the layers of your myspace look really messed up (such as the ad for your t-shirts half covering the picture and your blogs ontop of the 'members' section).

great stuff

Thank you for the heads up! Thats very useful to know, il get on changing that ASAP.
dude your drummer (actually your entire rhythm section) is solid and your production quality is awesome. Did you hire a studio for the recording or something?
Dude thats awesome because of the vocals it sounds like a really heavy lamb of god but its awesome keep it up!
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BTW, what's metal and full of holes?

Dimebag Darrell.
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I'm not really a huge fan of genre but I still think you guys are pretty good, and I'm hitting the town tonight, so might see you at The Star if I go that way.

That would be very cool! Its going to be a rather epic gig so i reckon you should check it out (im biased of course but what the hell, gotta try)!

Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated! The songs on our latest CD we recorded at The Whitehouse in Reading. If you follow this link (http://soundclick.com/share?songid=6899913) you can hear a tune we recorded ourselves in about 3 hours. Were hopefully going fully self produced on our album, no studio involvement at all.

Cheers again!



Really dig your stoner band Steve, 'Divinorum' has got a really sleezy feel to it! Great stuff!
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