This is a piece I wrote some months ago, and i don´t know how to describe it... I think progressive Metal would fit best.


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I really liked it!

It was like Prog Metal with toches of Tech Death.
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That was pretty sweet, it would be nice if there a few 'weird' transitions and some more progressive timings in there but i did like the ones that you used. i liked the bit at the end at 186 i think it was. the lead thing. wasnt too fussed on the solos tbh, but they could easily be improved with some work. i loved the first riff. thats exactly the kind of riffs i like in prog, and i loved the disonnant chords you used.

overall pretty sweet although could do with a bit of tweaking.

mind having a look at mine (prog metal aswell)


Prog isn't really my thing.

But this was pretty cool. It's sort of a hardcore prog thing. Sounds like it to me anyways.

All the riffs are tight, and pretty brutal. Good use of time signatures.

The drums are pretty cool aswell, very fitting to the song. I always find it hard to write in odd time signatures, but you pulled it off very well.

The march section was a favourite of mine, not sure why. It just stood out to me.

The incoming bit was a bit A7xish, no offence if you don't like them. I love them!

Keyboard solo, some cool chromatic shxt in here, good useage of 'blue notes'.
The guitar solo was especially cool afterwards! You used chromatics really well!

The bridge is questionable. Something just dosent feel right here, untill the drums come in.
Then it's pretty darn cool!

Thats about it really.

Overall, 9/10.
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That was really cool

First guitar riff has some weird rhythm, pretty cool. The verse reminded me of freaking Mexico and so did the riff after it. The break is extremely awesome, great riff. For some reason I didn't like the march too much, but it was still a good part. The incoming is definitely A7X-ish.
Both of the solos rock, even if they are the same thing. I liked the bridge, didn't seem odd to me. The bleak part is pretty excellent as well, nothing bad here and the end is pretty awesome. I really liked all of it. That ending riff (on the guitar) just seemed a little too 'epic' but maybe that's just me.

Good job. 8.5/10
That.... Was.... Amazing.

The verse seemed weird, but it worked well, the break riff was really cool, and the intro riff was awesome once everything came in.

I really liked the echo on the drums in the verse. And I really enjoyed the dark turn the song took on the solos. Oh, and the build up to the solos was cool. And the last riff is a really epic changed. It's friggin awesome.

Not one part I didnt like. Everything flowed perfectly. Extremely professional. Nice work.
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That's like Dream Theater who listened to too much arabic music. Anymays, It's great. The keyboard solo only seemed too fast for slow strings. Use a synth, maybe?
Hey, that was pretty good.

All of the riffs were great, especially the break, bridge and bleak sections. The song was, for the most part, pretty solid. However, there were a few shaky transitions that seemed too abrupt and jarring, such as the one from bar 26 to 27, and the first break to the first verse, the verse to the reintro, etc. There's nothing to connect them, such as slides, drum rolls, and so forth, and as a result feel just 'placed together.'

And I hesitate to call the guitar solo a solo. It has more of a lead feel; it's just five bars of semi-soloage with the rest the same tapping riffs repeated. The keyboard solo, in my opinion, was kind of unnecessary, as the keys don't really play a major role in the song, and the fact that it is the same as the guitar solo. But regardless, it works.

Other than that, though, it's an excellent song. An easy 8.5/10.

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Daaaamn, that was sweet. One of the best, maybe THE best song I've heard in this forum, ever. I love the break riff, the bass in the verse, the Incoming, the Open Door... The solos were really unusual, I've never heard something like 'em. I wish I was as inspired as you... The only thing that doesn't sound to me is the piano. Maybe if you could add a more oriental/Harmonic Minor feel to it?

And I have to disagree with the person above me, the aforementioned transitions sound just right.