Hi guys,

Just got on the boards as I've officially decided to commit myself to excelling at the guitar and not just messing around playing tabs and whatnot.

This is my attempt at the Pink Floyd Time solo. David Gilmour is one of my favorite guitarists because he plays with such emotion. I hope one day I can play with as much meaning to each note as Gilmour gives to each of his.

Also, I'd appreciate some comments on my tone and whether people like it or not.

Thanks and don't be too harsh, I know I missed one or two notes.

Song is in my profile.

Tone seemed SPOT on to me. There are a few really minor timing issues, and some notes wrong here and there, but all in all I think it was really great. Also, see what notes are bended and which ones are not. I'd love to hear you try and get it down 100% perfect. This is already really close if you ask me.
Yeah great job, your sound was good and the playing was smooth.
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That was awesome. It rocked @$$. Just some minor glitches, but over all it was near perfect.