I'm not exactly new (hehe) but I've been curious. I don't want to get banned, so here is my question-

Is advertising allowed in signatures?

I know I already have my myspace, but thats not what I am concerned about. The part I'm not sure about is this: the site I wish to advertise is a website (I'm not going to mention it to keep my innocence) where you click advertisements, view them for a set length of time, and then get payed accordingly. I'm not going to do too in depth, but the site also has a referral system. If someone chooses to sign up and say that RPGoof was their referral, I would earn the same amount of money they are earning. This would in turn profit me as well as the person who signed up using my name as their referral.

I'm not sure if you guys will allow me to link to the website using my referral link, so thats the reason I ask.
I'm pretty sure you can advertise in sigs but id check with a mod or admin first.
referral links are banned completely I think.

usually websites without forums are ok in your sig but I don't think referral links are allowed.
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You can have a link to a myspace for your band, but you can't advertise for another website.
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Is advertising allowed in signatures?
Usually a judgment call.

Brand new member with advertising in = Ban first, ask questions later.
Most members who do that right off the bat, will only be on UG to advertise and not make any meaningful contributions or be involved in useful conversations.

You've been around for a year, so advertising in your sig might be permitted.
There are some users who've been very helpful to other members in Gear Building & Customizing and they have links to their own personal sites. But one of them makes pickups and the other makes custom hand-built guitars. They've shared their knowledge with other on UG in the past and continue to do so now. So they've been given permission to link to their sites in their sigs.

The kind of contributions that you've made and the type of advertising in the link have a lot to do with whether or not you'll get permission. If you have hundreds or even thousands of posts in the other forums, you'll be more likely to get permission to advertise. If you're exclusively a pit-monkey, the chances are slim.

It was really a good idea to ask first, rather than just doing it.
Props for a wise choice there.

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