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ok people ive been hangout round places and ive noticed, i am like the only person i know who doesnt like drugs. has anyone else noticed this, i mean come on with all the lectures the schools give about the drugs yet everyone still does it and it kinda bugs me to see everyone doing drugs. so i was wondering does anyone else feel this way?

oh and i forgot to mention, alchohal doesnt count (because really, who doesnt evjoy a good beer now and again) by drugs im talking about all of it , crack, pot, coke, marijuana, bad sugar, weed,
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no i love cocaine
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Yes, you're right, we should all listen to what the schools tell us. After all, they never lie or withhold information!


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Wrong thread.

And, don't always believe what your school tells you. Seriously.

And, shame you're one of those people who think like that, eh...
Drug Thread or

take this there. NOW!
Which drugs?

I have nothing against a good round of dope smoking but nothing else.
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obviously you havent done your research weed isnt harmful except for the toxins that are produced from combustion(primary form of intake)
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You named the same drug thrice in your examples. Obviously, you don't know anything about drugs besides what your school tells you. How about doing some of your own research before being so opiniated.
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Drugs are bad mmmkkkk....unless it's weed.....then......drugs are great.......

sorry mr.macky ummmk
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i love to drink and absolutely hate drugs. just dont like them and i dont hang around people who do them
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dude, if your going to do drugs, do them because you want to.
if your not going to do drugs, don't do them cause you don't want to.

this is one of the few decisions that your parents/school/ect should be ignored in
just know the risks (the real risks, not the ones your health class tells you), and make the decision on your own. don't do it cause all your friends do. dont abstain cause your school says its bad.
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