The two hardest things about doing both are multitasking and keeping time.

For multitasking, the only thing you can really do is get the sung part and the guitar part down so concretely that you could do it in your sleep. If you have to think about it, you'll have trouble.

As for keeping time, just look for (or write, I'm not sure which you're doing) key parts where the guitar and a word both start on the same beat. If you hit those, you'll stay relatively in time.
What I did is I made sure I got a song down perfectly, to the point where I could play it with my eyes closed. Then I'd play it and just talk to people at first, so you're talking and playing, and from there I'd sing and play and eventually I got it down pretty easily.
Start with reggae type beats (not necessarily reggae) , songs that strum every off beat or every beat. Nothing complicated. Then you can try picking stuff like (shoot me) Hey There Delilah. With practice you should be able to do more complicated stuff.
I have the same problem. My strumming gets completely messed up when I try to sing, but I can somewhat talk and play the same time.
the first thing you should do is learn the song completely so that you can sing the whole thing without thinking about it.

something you shouldnt do is learn how to play the song without singing at all.

I find that if i work at singing a song as i learn to play it helps coordinate the two, so its like a single action instead of putting two different things together.

hope that helps
i actually find talking casually more difficult than singing hehe. at least there's a rhythm with singing. but i would say get both parts down individually perfect first. then, play the guitar chords as they change, without strumming the exact rhythms at first, and sing over that. obviously start slow.

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A good sing to start with would probably be Polly by Nirvana. It's a short song and only uses a few power chords.
Playing the guitar while watching TV (and trying to follow the dialogs) helps too.
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just play easy songs thats all chords, last kiss by pearl jam is really easy to do this

its just the same chord progression the whole way through, occassionally playing D twice

G Em C D

and strum pattern is

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I found at first, tying specific words to chord changes and rhythmic changes helps you coordinate a lot, then after a while it becomes natural. It was only about 2 months ago that i couldnt sing and play at all, now i can do it fairly easy for chord like songs without having to think about it - it just seems to snap into place