Theres a feature on my ipod I bump into everyonce in awhile accedentaly that allows me to skip backwords in a song but rather then jumping to the begining it jumps to a point in the middle of song, and does that everytime, I thought this would be beneficial for transcribing solos. So can anyone tell me how to do this function intentionally?
You click the center button once, but it doesn't loop.

It just goes to wherever you scroll it to, and plays from there. If you keep scrolling it back, it will keep playing that same part, But you have to manually scroll it back. It goes forwards too.
Yeah, I knew it wouldn't loop. Maybe that feature will be on the Ipod Crypton Phone Microwave. Thanks for the quick response.
Haha, no Prob man, I thought everyone knew how to do that, I kinda wish mine wouldn't. It gets annoying when you go to turn it up, and it's like, Lawlz Songs over.