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i use the jimi hendrix signiture ones, they look nice also i cant stand thin picks i hafta have heavy ones
Jim Dunlop Jazz III's.
No question, ****ing amazing picks... takes a while to get used to but ****ing kicks ass.
Fender's classic 351 medium pick, in orange-black. It is, according to rolling stones magazine, the most popular guitar pick in the world.
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I use the huge triangular ones, usually about .7 mm or so. Regular pics slide out of my hand a lot :<
I used to use Tortex Jazz M3s but I recently (just yesterday) switched to regular sized Tortexes (I use .60, .73, and .88 depending on what I'm playing). I have also played with Dunlop Big Stubbies but they don't last long imo, the tips seem to break real fast.
Quote by exect4500
tortex 88 mm.

Same for me.
I'm really not very picky ()... if it isn't too thin, I'll use it.
Medium or heavy Fender picks. Not a whole lot of effect on my playing in my opinion between the two so it doesn't really matter to me.
I like thicker picks, when I use the thin ones I get the sound of the thin pick flapping against the strings, thick picks give me a clean sound. They're also great for tremolo picking.
I use Dunlop Gator Grips, .96mm. I love them, but I've been meaning to try the Jazz IIIs that everyone seems to love so much. What's so great about them, anyway?
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Tortex .88 or 1, the green or blue ones
I'm gonna try some Jazz III's next time I need something at MF
Dunlop gator grips .71
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That oughta do it.

Time for a supercool guitar demonstration by herman li,

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Stage guy- because its a bass herman

I use Dunlop Tortex 1MM.I lose em' before they wear out.
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D'Andrea Pro Plec or Fender Classic Celluloid white in heavy or extra heavy
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I have Fender green ones(I think M/H) but I am gonna try out some Jazz IIIs to see if I like them better.
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dunlop jazz IIIs i prefer the xls, but i can never find them so ive been usuing the small ones lately
I prefer fairly thick picks. I'm currently using Tortex 1.14mm picks. Anything thinner feels like it's flapping around in my hand.
i use dunlop X-heavy, very rarely i use the jazz lll
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I used to use jazz lll's until i tried the Dunlop Tortex 1.14. soo good
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jazz III's are pretty good. i like my standard blue moto fender mediums, but it's impossible to switch back and forth between those and jazz III's
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I used to use Dunlop Big Stubby's... but now I use the Jazz IIIs.

They are amazing. Still haven't worn out for me. I'll get a new one just in case though.
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I use Dunlop Rhinos for distorted rock or blues and Jazz IIIs for clean stuff
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fender mediums for me. Or a dunlop .88 (i think from memory) if there are no fender ones at the shop.

for some reason i cant throw picks away, so my amp is littered with knackered picks along every joint in the wood.
Dunlop Tortex 0.6mm (the orange ones). Took me seven years to find a pick that I really liked, so now my guitar case is overflowing with them
tortex .88.
i hate thin picks. i cant use anything thinner than like a .70. nylons=no good..
i used like reallly thin picks

but i use my fingers to

i grew my nails lol so its easier

i have a better sound with a thin pick

last time i used a thick pick i broke my string lol
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i use donlop tortex 1.14s

Same, or 1.5mm's.
They don't slip too much because of sweating.
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The Big Stubby Jim Dunlop ones, (one is 3mm and the other one I have is 1mm)
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I like thicker ones better.

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