Hey guys, I'm kind of new at this whole building guitars thing, and I was hoping I could get some feedback on a new project I'm undertaking. I recently replaced the plastic pickguard of my first guitar, a Fender Strat Clone from Baja, with diamond plate aluminum for a sleek shiny look. I have yet to cut the pickup holes because I can't decide what to put in. I've been looking at the Fender Hot Strat Replacement 3 Single- Coil set, and a Seymore Duncan SH6 Humbucker. I was planning on mounting the Single- Coils in thier standard arrangement, then sandwiching the SH6 in between the Neck and Center pickups, with a bypass wired from my five- position switch to go right to the Humbucker as needed. What do you think? Is it (though not my primary concern) practical? Can you recommend any better pickups/ humbuckers?