This is my new song. Took me a while to do; still unhappy with the mix. Opening verse a bit reverby?? Well i'm leaving it there... it's been a hard slog.

Hope you like.

Link: http://www.purevolume.com/olivergolding


(In time and space a love does lie,
again and again he will try)

Oh i'm snowed under
I can feel thunder
I need your hand

To guide me down this road
I've never seen before
And You have a friend in me
Safe you'll always be
within my mind

I'll guide you through the crowds
of saints and sinners
of saints and sinners
saints and sinners you know
oh saints and sinners
(you know x3)

Can you see the fire
hidden in his eyes
So many lives he'll leave behind
He knows a place where no one goes

And as I chase this future soul
Know that I keep you in mind
I keep you in mind
I keep you in mind.

I loved the harmonized guitar parts, acoustic is usually boring to me but this was very soothing, your voice was good too kind of a raspy whispering I liked it.

Some minor things I didn't like: the drums were to loud and fake sounding, and there is this "oooohhhh" singing that goes on in the background which I wasn't keen on, but I could see how some one would like that.


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