98 secs...then again, I let myself get hit a few times without caring because I wated to take out the helicopters
Wow, that seems a lot longer than just 66 seconds.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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This game is retarded. I was watching my clock i play that useless **** for atleast 8 minutes, and it ended up being 102 seconds?
96 seconds. I could've probably lasted longer, but I got bored really quick.
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Me too man, I cant remember ever actually laughing out loud for ages due to the internet, omegasus is just....hes just awesome

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I'm pretty sure guys don't get breast cancer.
This games sucks. I honestly don't even consider it a time killer. It's quite impossibal to lose if you actually try, but it just gets so damn boring
57 secs. not bad for first time.
edit: 73 secs second time.
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109 seconds.
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110 seconds easy i stopped playing because i was getting freakin bored as hell
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95 even though it felt like 10 minutes
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ok 200 seconds! I'm bored of playing it now. I have just proven to have the patience of a saint.
I have also proven to be talented at something.