i need help and advice finishing these here songs, please comment and critique. i reposted this to comply with the rules of UG, if there is something wrong with this thread (there better not be) please dont just put that its reported, tell me why. thanks

1 (acoustic piece i was thinking)

not a day goes by
that i dont think about what ive done.
all that i do,
its not worth it anymore.
its cold outside,
i cant stop thinking about you.
and the mistakes that i made

2 (fast beat riff i was thinking)

when did it all go wrong?
when was it all to much?
howd it get out of control?
i cant remember when,
when i went it to deep.
now its all to much for me.
and its all to much for me

howd it get this far?
when did my plan go wrong?
when did i lose my grasp?
when did i lose my mind?
when did i lose myself?
when did i lose it ALL?
???????? (need help finishing)