Good buy/deal? It's an explorer shape which is what I was looking for and has a fixed bridge which is also what I was looking for.

http://saskatoon.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-musical-instruments-jackson-kelly-with-EMG-HZ-H4-bridge-pi ck-up-MINT-W0QQAdIdZ46442666

Or else there's this one

http://saskatoon.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-musical- instruments-Aria-Pro-II-ZZ-Deluxe-electric-guitar- Explorer-style-W0QQAdIdZ45012019
Explorer shape but an older model with a floating bridge. And it comes with a case.
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I prefer the top one... its more for metal, and plus, its a jackson, u can never go wrong with a jackson
If you like explorer shapes id say get an LTD EX 400. It has EMG 81 (B) 60 (N). Fixed bridge. Pretty decent guitar but for 899$. Worth the price tough. HZ sucks tbh. Good for metal and has a fking nice clean with the 60.

Or id say the first one and put EMG 81 (B) and 85 (N) or 60 (N) if youll play clean get the 60. if not then get the 85.
I'm gonna be the first to say the Aria. My step bro used to have an older Aria explorer copy. It was a kick ass guitar, and so is that one, according to google.

EDIT: Sorry, I'm the second to say Aria.
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