So I have a Sz520 ... i think it had 10's on it stock...i got 9.5 accidentally - so I just restrung it , (didnt really know what I was doing.) and i got the strings in tune but I wrapped it around the post on the headstock like half a time to 1 time on some strings...im wondering do more wraps around the the post make a difference? I feel like it would keep it in tune better?

on a side note new strings sound sick...but 9.5's are kinda wack ( easier to play) but kinda just wack

and how do you make more wraps around the post? Im CONFUSED

someone debunk my confusion
i usually wrap mine around 3-5 times
you should do more then 1 or it will go out of tune easier
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Na, it doesnt really matter, u just need to make sure it wraps around the thing enough to where the string doesnt come out in de-tuning its shouldnt matter if the strings stay in place tho
To get more wraps on the post you need to leave some string slack before turning the pegs. But be sure to keep holding the string tight.

My personal method is to pull the string through the peg and then pull out some slack. I hold my hand perpendicular to the fretboard around the fifth fret. Then I pull the string tight over the top of my hand and while keeping it held tight I start turning the peg. It's a little confusing written down.

And yeah new strings sound like ass and need to be retuned a lot. Just do a lot of bends on all of the strings and keep retuning. They'll break in soon enough.
thanks...blah i didnt wrap the string around itself before tightening it fully.."lock it into place" how big is this
you need to stick the string through the post, and leave maybe 2-3 inches MAX of slack (hold the slack above the fretboard and judge distance). then just wind it around the post, making sure the strings are being wound the right way. cut off the excess and you are done.

I have been trying a new method (for me at least) of winding the strings that will supposedly stop the slack from sliding through the post hole. you can check it out Here . so far it doesn't seem that effective.

i have heard that less winds around the post will help it stay in tune since there is less string to settle, and have also heard that more winds will help hold the other winds in place, so the crowd seems pretty divided on this topic.
so do you have to lock it in... or does jsut putting string through post and turning right way do the trick
ah flonkey so i might have restrung nicely...thanks... i just did some breaking in on the strings... i mean they sound good but aBU!!! imma see if they in tune when i pick i up next....
i wrap 2-3 times. i think more than 3 and a half is too much. wierd.