does anyone else love doing it? for some reason i just love it, probably cause you can feel it a little more in you hands or something, idk. ive talked to some people and they said they dont because of not being able to do pinch harmonics, but i can still do them fine on an acoustic. what about you guys? what are your thoughts?
yes \m/ (-.-) \m/ metal on acoustic is great, some cradle of filth and **** like that is great on acoustic
Folk metal has lots of acoustic, therefore acoustic is indeed metal.

Agalloch for the win.
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The first things that came to mind when I saw this thread?


He kicks that songs ass, even on acoustic.

But, yeah, I love acoustics in metal. 90% of the time they're used very well.
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To Scourge, yes, yes, and more yes.

Black metal works on an acoustic, sounds weird, but epicly amazing
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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
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That is all.

That pretty much covers it. Also acoustic passages in black metal are fairly common as well.
So yeah, nothing wrong with acoustic metal songs. I like to play a bit of metal on my acoustics, it's a nice variation and can sound pretty cool.
one of the great things about acoustics is that they reveal your flaws and acoustics do stuff that electrics can't do as well

so yeah acoustics can be in metal
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Tsaxn, I just got your comment on the video Thanks alot! And yes acoustic metal sounds very epic. Check out Old Man's Child - Black Seeds on Virgin Soil for a sick riff. And Agalloch, Opeth, Lucid Fear, etc use alot of acoustics as well.
Has anyone seen the guy who plays Opeth's stuff purely acoustic, he does The Night and the Silent Water, BwP, and a camp version of Godhead's Lament. Check up on him, black acoustic guitar, dark complexion...good player
R.I.P. Charles Michael "Evil Chuck" Schuldiner
B. May 13 1967 - D. December 13 2001

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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
i play bass metal songs on an acoustic all the time. there's nothing better to do in beginer guitar (easy as ****, but how much can you really complain about a school period where you play guitar, regardless of difficulty?)
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Uh I play everything on acoustic ($80 ;D) since I havent been able to afford fixing my electric which I only got to use for uh... like 2 weeks or a month at most...

and hence everything I've learned has been on acoustic.......
now my acoustic's nut -top of the neck- broke and the bridge is unaligned and makes the 10th fret sound like **** XDDDDD

I learned a buncha songs then I worked on original crap... Last full song I learned was Kalmah's Dance of the Water solos and stuff...

I started guitar 2 1/2 years ago trying to learn the intro to Punish My Heaven, Artifacts of the Black Rain and Under a Serpent Sun... XD

then I learnt most of Silverwing by Arch Enemy >.>

then I learned Under a Serpent Sun fully then Clad in Shadows by In Flames

then like... I learned most of slaughter of the soul -album... the only ones I didnt finish completely learning were Suicide Nation (only forgot to learn the chorus lol) uh... and Need... I knew the rest save for Into the Dead Sky >.>.-... including the cold solo... -err well I was really close XD... good times...-

so anyway here's the resume XD

Full songs
At the Gates-The Swarm, Under A Serpent Sun, Blinded By Fear, Slaughter of the Soul, Cold,
Unto Others, Nausea, World of Lies

In Flames-Lord Hypnos, Artifacts of the Black Rain, Stand Ablaze, The Hive, Clad In Shadows

Kalmah's Dance of the Water

Dark Tranquillity's Punish My Heaven

Vehemence's God Was Created...

and the incompletes were... Suicide Nation (missing chorus); Terminal Spirit Disease, Kingdom Gone, Vehemence's Spirit of the Soldier (Just missing a tab for the solo !!!)... Christ I ****ing Hate You by Vehemence (well I only have a tab for the first two minutes... same goes for Fantasy From Pain...solos included though xD) uh.... and Silverwing by Arch Enemy (I just needed to learn the outro, I had most of the solos down, save for a part in the tab where I got confused as a young newblet)

then after a year knowing all those songs I kinda started working on my own crap since then and I havent really played most of those...

Supposedly I might have my acoustic fixed soon if not my electric and yay

So that's Nosferatu's little acoustic story journey XD... still in progress...

BTW there's a modern melodeath song I recorded which you can all check out in my profile... or my "bands" one >.> www.myspace.com/carlosband

Anyway... nothing's really that technical that I've learned so ._.

I do take pride in being able to play 16ths at 270 bpm in acoustic though... (one of the riffs for this song Im working on... XD)
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I do all my song writing without an amp, that's as close as I get, I don't own an acoustic.
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Playing metal on acoustics is awesome. The right riffs just sound great.
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The first things that came to mind when I saw this thread?


He kicks that songs ass, even on acoustic.

But, yeah, I love acoustics in metal. 90% of the time they're used very well.

The second thing that comes to mind: Impaled Northern Moonforest

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I'm not really a big fan of playing metal on acoustics, but then again I'm not really that good at playing it on acoustic anyways :S
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Wow now thats an interesting idea... ii normally only do that if im drunk.... or if im scott good..

Oh yes by the way Scott Good has a great idea for getting Distortion on an acoustic... all u have to do is weave half a piece of A4 paper between the strings down by the bridge... personally i think its pure stupidity... but maybe it could be helpful
Yeah i started on acoustic, it just sounds so rich sometimes. playing Master of Puppets or any fast and long metal song on acoustic is always a good test of endurance!
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Beginning of the End-Testament... now theres some awesome acoustic-metalness...

that and opeth obviously.

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