Hop there are some fans here. I love this show, and am sad that there were only 4 seasons. I'm American, but I get to see reruns here on public television and sometimes on BBC America.

My favorite episode would have to be Duel and Duality from season 3.
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I liked it. It's been quite some time since I've seen any episodes though.

I seem to find old British comedy better than American comedy.
Duel and Duality is my favourite also. Series three was absolutely epic.
I keep hearing rumours of a fifth series, but they never seem to come to fruition. Then again, with four series of perfection, I'd be hesitant to mess with it myself.
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I own all 4 seasons on DVD, and I have to say that Blackadder is one of my all-time favorite tv shows, and by far Rowan Atkinson's best role(s) as the 4 different but similar Blackadders
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I've recently gotten into Blackadder, used to have to watch it as a child, didn't much care for it back then, I like it now though.
Such amazing lineup in that show. Particularly like Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Rowan Atkinson and Brian Blessed.

Oh sorry, I mean BRIAN BLESSED!!!
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