So I understand how to play the major scale and minor pentatonic and blues scale and a bunch others. I've been studying them well, BUT, I have a simple question. How do I use them? Obviously, your not bound to stick with A Minor Penta on the fifth fret. I know you can move it up/down the fret board but what else can you do besides moving it an octave up to the 17th fret?

If someone can point me to a youtube video or lesson or anything on scale usage and techniques that would be great. Or even better a quick easy explanation.

Thanks UG
I know you can move it up/down the fret board but what else can you do besides moving it an octave up to the 17th fret?

Scales are collections of notes, not just patterns. The minor pentatonic, like any other scale, spans the entire fretboard. Before going any further (and especially before learning any more scales) I would advise you to learn the notes all over the fretboard, and familiarize yourself with the major scale and diatonic harmony. Everything will build on those two concepts.
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1)common blues progressions. i know the 12 bar blues but that is about it

2) kinda a stay in key guide for theis structure like maj min min maj ...etc

1. 12 Bar Blues is incredibly common.

2. Here's a common minor blues progression in Am. Each chord lasts one measure.
Am Dm Am Am Dm Dm Am Am F E7 Am Am (or E7).

I can go into more detail about what to play over that, but I'll have to do it in another thread and it would be next week; I have a busy couple of days ahead.

Regarding the original question:
Great, you know your Am Pentatonic scale at the 5th and 17th frets. Get good with that pattern, because it never goes away and 80% of rock soloing is based on that pattern. However, the pattern contains the notes A C D E G, so you can play those notes ANYWHERE on the fretboard and you will still be using the A minor pentatonic! Cool, huh?

Get good with that 5th fret pattern so you can impress your friends with some decent rock soloing, but once you do that, listen to Arch and learn baisc theory. Once you know that stuff you can fingure things out all on your own and you'll become a much better musician. The link in my sig is a good place to start.