as a fan of that kind of music. i liked it. i liked those sweeps that you put in there too.
I liked it. Good job. Is that part at 17 seconds from a movie because I heard that somewhere before? If so what is it?
it's from dodgeball, that was pretty sweet, the guitars could use more bass in the eq though, bit trebly for death metal, but it might be my headphones.

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lol at the Ben Stiller part. Anyway, guitar tone wasn't amazing for the lower stuff, but I really liked it on the higher parts (which were really cool btw). Riffs were all good, sounded pretty technical, growling was really good, only thing I maybe would do is make them a tiny bit louder in just a few parts, but you are a really good growler from what I could tell. What kind of equiptment do you use? Also, how did you get the vocal sound, did you double track them or anything?

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Originally posted by ForTheOptimists
anal seepage diffiently takes the cake for me. Congratulations the_pick_gnome you are one sick twisted person :]
Sound could use some mixin..
Not really a fan of this style of growl.. I preffer the understandable kind, like bloodbath..

But nice job nevertheless..
I'm not usually mad about growling, but I think you executed it reasonably well. Guitar tone was pretty good, maybe a bit fizzy/crackly. The guitar work was executed well, the lead guitar in the verse was done well, sounded solid. I gotta say, the drumming annoys me, it's quite lacking in invention. If it's a backing track, just ignore that. Overall, definitely well executed for what it is. Crit me back? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=796639
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your growls are pretty great dont like the highs tho :S but the lows were just the type i like. the guitar work is great but at the start it sounds aweful, i dont know if its supposed to sound like that or its just the recording? but the rest sounds good, technical and chunky. the sweeps you did were clean as feck, real good.

great material! reminds me of my older more spastic stuff.

anyway, recording and tone aspect could use some polishing. but othewise the riffs were all pretty cool.

you might want to snake some more potent livelier sounding drum samples.. i didn't mind the guitar tone.. it could use a bit more punch tho. if there was a bass guitar in there.. it needs a bit more presence as well.

with the vocals, you may want to use a more natural sounding overdrive (you can hear it sort of crackle with you do that one high squeal) a bit of a really quick delay will make it sound bigger as well. possible a light splash of reverb.

on a positive note, it was all played good and tight with great structure.

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Quote by the_pick_gnome
What kind of equiptment do you use? Also, how did you get the vocal sound, did you double track them or anything?

I used Garageband to record, and for the vocals I used a premade setting which had a tiny tiny bit of chorus and a moderte amount of reverb. And yes, the vocals were all double tracked.

Also, thanks for all the constructive comments you guys.. I really appreciate it
Vocals: Bill Steer-ish (that's good
Guitar: Later Carcass
Ben Stiller part: Ben Stiller-ish

All in all, sounds like a grindgore/grindcore song. Not a bad thing, seeing as it sounds like Carcass.
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I am not a fan of death metal really, but I liked alot of the riffs, the screams were really cool too. Production could have been alot better, but I guess polished production isn't what death metal is about.

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