Its my Jackson RR3 i tuned it to Drop C and went from 9's to 11's do i loosen the rod or tighten it?
when its up to pitch check the neck, if you've got a bow, tighten it, if its a curve, loosen it. 1\4 turn at a time until you've got just the slightest bow.
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it's a bullet and you'll need a socket wrench.

fret the low E at the first fret, and at the last fret where the neck and body meet.

if the string lays on the middle frets, then you dont have enough bend.
if the strings are more than a credit cards thickness up from the middle frets, then you have too much bend.

measure and repost.

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Have you checked the action of the guitar? and if the neck is straight? because you dont necessarily have to adjust the truss rod when you change tuning and strings. If the neck is still straight and the action is low enough then you dont have to do anything to it.