i was told to put Seymour Duncan '59 into the neck. AndSeymour Duncan Custom Custom into the bridge...

i play punk, zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Pepper, and jimi hendrix, hard rock type stuff...

1. Are these good pickups for my style.
2.where can i get a decent inexpensive solder iron and solder.
3.will putting these covers screw up the sound?
4.i can figure out what model my guitar is, where could i go to find this information?

thanks in advance...
Not to trust MF reviews, but they ALL say that those pickup covers won't fit on SGs or Epiphones. I would avoid those if I were you.
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I would never put covers on pick-ups

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buddy im not trying to be an ass here but it sounds like your passionate about your music i dont think customizing your sg is a good idea. save up and buy a real sg. its such a better investment. the wiring will go screwy in your epiphone. the input will get ****ed. trust me. you will never regret your purchase.

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well im 14 so...saving up for a gibson sg is kinda out there. i work at Hy-Vee (grocery store) but that wont get me a gibson sg in 6-7 months...i would wait a long time..i just want the cheap quick and working way.
working will get you there if you worked for 5 bucks an hour 3 hours after school on week days you could get that in under 15 weeks plus you could sell you old SG 2 or the old strat
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marshall has half stacks for only 600, but i dont know if theyre any good. seems like a good deal....
my strat..80 bucks off ebay..no pickups, burnt up...
I burnt it so it would look cool then i would put some semi-decent pickups in there..has yet to be done.. Looks cool though..
you can only work a maximum of 48 hours a week..the scheduling is screwed up, the manager is retarded..to get that many hours it would be about..8-9 months, my biggest check in 3 months is $60....i would just rather mod my current guitars
I'd put the SH-14 into the bridge, instead of the SH-11.

What kind of Epi SG is this, btw?

EDIT: I see you don't know the model...Hmm...Tell us more about it. How many volume/tone controls does it have? Does it have a bolt-on neck, or a set neck? A bolt on neck will have a metal neck plate at the neck's heel.
I put the 59 in my epi lp's neck and the custom (not the custom custom) in the bridge. there was a vast improvement in tone, but the 59 sounded horribly muddy with any kind of od/distortion and the custom lacked any kind of balls. but that's just me, other people say they work great. the seymour duncan JB is worth looking into, it seems like alot of pros use them and i hear theyre great for punk. i dont know what thay guy who said they wont fit was talking about, any regular humbucker should fit in your epi sg.

you should be able to get sd's pups ordered from someone with the pickup covers already attached so you don't have to worry about doing that yourself. the covers might affect your tone, but they come stock with covered pups so does it really matter? it's more for looks.

what kind of inlays does your sg have? in general, cheaper models have dot inlays and better ones have trapezoidal and occasionally rectangular shaped ones.

you can get a decent soldering iron at radio shack for 10-20$. i would get better solder than the stuff they sell though. it's not terrible, but it's not great either. practice on some spare wires before you go messing around inside your guitar. and it would be a good idea to pickup a cheap multimeter too, incase you screw up and need to find where you went wrong.
^I'll definitely disagree with you about the '59's. Lots of clarity, distortion sounds great. I also had the Custom before, and it was great, sounded ballsy to me. Just not enough of a upper mid spike, so I changed the magnet to Alnico 5.
I don't like the JB, and wouldn't recommend it.

As for Radioshack's solder, I use it all the time for guitars and pedal builds. Works fine. Just get the 60/40 or 36/64 rosin core ones, of a relatively thin guage. Works fine.
to answer questions about the guitar it has
4 knobs
dot inlays
a set neck
and looks like
but without the nice inlays...headstock included
and no pickup cover.
About the covers.. you can NOT just slip them on over the top. You really need to wax pot a pickup when you put a cover on, to eliminate microphonic feedback. If you just place one on, you risk getting all kinds of hideous squeals out of your guitar.
^^You can find them with covers on at any Duncan dealer. And yes, that would be a good combo. Have you checked eBay?

You're positive it has a set neck?? It sounds just like an Epiphone SG-310, except for the set neck. There's NO bolts on the back of the neck, where the neck meets the body?
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no bolts..just a screw for the guitar strap..its a lot like the SG-310 but it doesnt have the same pickguard..would they be different models then or did epiphone just cheap out and use less plastic?

EDIT: cool i found them both with nickel covers...90 bucks each..still in my price range.
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yeah the pickguard in the picture and just about the same wood grain...

EDIT: i tried the site and it says that it is unrecognized..
it is S9200888

there is a little gold colored plate under the guitar strap thing i think it says


so i think its a SG-400 cherry color..but it doesnt have the inlays or the covers..but other than that its the same looking...

it was made in korea if that makes a difference
for the record, putting pick up covers on your pups barely changes the sound, if at all, its how you wax pot them that changes the sound
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where else can i get all the soldering equipment i need in a store?

and yep im in the US
oh cool...and someone said something about a multimeter..could i pick that up at radioshack?