So there's a concert coming up on June 29th at Penns Landing, Philadelphia, and i know LTJ, Goldfinger, Suburban Legends, and Big D are going to be there, and i also know their are a lot of other bands as well, if someone could point me in the right direction for a list of the bands that will be playing it be much appreciated, because i've tried looking for a while, it may be so simple it's staring me right in the face.
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Maaaan I read that thread title wrong...


That makes 2 of us
i don't get it.
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Rancid are the best punk band ever.

Tim Armstrong is a songwriting genius, is a complete fashion diva and has an incredible singing voice.

He doesn't sound like Opie from family guy at all.
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i don't get it.

Just glance at the title. Don't properly read it, just a quick glance
Who cares.

If Big D is playing, you should be there if you know what's good for you.
Sorry guys, the penis landing isn't for a while, but I'm sure it will be great, I love seeing LTJ play, but I could see them play for 15$, when tickets to Penns Landing cost 31.50, so I wanted to see who the other bands were, and ive tried a simple Internet search, I just thought someone from maybe around Philly would have more info, and yes, I'm psyched for Big D!